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Company Website


Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz



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Concept, Information Architecture

About the Project

As part of our brand relaunch for the business law firm Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz (SZA), we created a new company website, that serves as a single point of communication for the brand.

SZA approached Scholz & Volkmer with a vision of repositioning themselves within the field through a fresh corporate design, and a complete relaunch of their company website. Besides restructuring and redesigning the site, the development was also done in-house by Scholz & Volkmer.


SZA offers legal consultation in many different fields. We created detail pages for each area of expertise, which describe the firm's experience and credentials within that field. Additionally these sites link to profiles of professionals working in that field, as well as relevant think tank articles and awards.


SZA has many partners working at the top of their respective fields. Each professional has a profile page associated with them, containing their contact information, past cases, awards and other important information for potential clients.

Career Section

Here, visitors can find open job positions and get insights into the different career paths the firm offers. These are outlined in great detail, since aspiring lawyers have to go through many stages before becoming a partner.


The Thinktank section features articles and think pieces on important & current matters of the legal world, written by SZA professionals. Articles contain links to related pages like expert profiles, fields of expertise etc.

Project Team

The project was done in collaboration with my Scholz & Volkmer Team:

Kathleen Sterzel – Team Lead & Creative Director
Lennard Schaack – Concept IA
Paul Schänzlin – Concept IA
Hee-Yeon Yeo – Design

Let’s create something great together.