„Wally“ Personal Finance App

Project Type

University Project


No Client



My Role

UX Designer

About the Project

Wally is an app for organizing and keeping track of your personal finances. The project was done as a minimum viable product study for our third semester application design project.

Main Screen

The app is based around the main screen, which contains the user’s financial statistics, as well as two buttons for entering financial transactions. By dragging one of the transaction buttons, users can start entering a transaction.

Entering a Transaction

Step 1: Specify the account of the transaction (like your personal wallet or your actual bank account).

Step 2: Choose if it‘s a new or a previously done transaction. Previously done transactions are saved as presets and get shown as suggestions in the list below.

Step 3: Select a transaction category.

Step 4: Type in the amount of the transaction. When setting the transaction amount, users can also set a timer to repeat the transaction in a chosen time interval.

Recurring Transactions

By default, the transaction is set to the current date. Transactions can be carried out at a different point in time by pressing the date field within the number pad and selecting the desired date. By pressing the repeat button, transactions can be made recurring within a certain time interval.

Financial Statistics

After finishing a transaction, users get back to the main screen, where the financial statistic has been updated. The statistic shows the current account balance, as well as savings and purchases across a certain time period.

The time period can be adjusted by pressing and dragging the top edge of the graph. By selecting a category from the dropdown menu, only the statistics for that category are shown.

Project Team

The project was done in collaboration with two fellow students from my application design course at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Luisa Heinz
Kalle Reiter
Paul Schänzlin

Let’s create something great together.